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        CNBM International

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        Main products of plastic scrap: PET (materials including PET flakes, PET lump, PET Strap, PET popcorn, PET perform, etc), ABS/PC( computer or TV shell), HDPE (HDPE flakes and HDPE Grinded Material), and PC(CD material and Water bucket material).
        By taking full advantages of own resources in field of domestic short fiber, CNBM International Corporation has well established the all-in-one cooperation mode which involves supply and sales with many short fiber factories.CNBM Anguo Qianjin Nonwoven Co. Ltd, for instance. Besides, CNBM International Corporation has acquired AQSIQ certificate through its USA branch, and built up a complete purchase-to-sales network, which in turn reduces costs and redundant process. Aiming to "helping customers achieving business goal with lowest cost", CNBM International Corporation is providing raw material supplies to fiber factories in China.

        • ABS PC
        • HDPE Caps
        • PET Bottles
        • PET Preform