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        CNBM International

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        Current Location: Home >> Business >> Machinery >> Metallurgical Machinery

        Main Products:
        Cold Rolling Mill: 2Hi, 4Hi, 6Hi, 20Hi cold rolling mill & Tandem Mill
        Metallurgical Furnace: Annealing Furnace, Annular Heating Furnace, Continuous Walking Heating Furnace, and Chamber Heating Furnace.
        Complete Production Line: Hot Dip Galvanising Line, Colour Coating line, Electro Chromium line, Electro Tinning Line, and Steel Pickling Line for Steel Strip.
        Metallurgy Crane: Bridge Crane


        • Double Girder Bridge Crane
        • Steel Strip Pickling Line
        • Steel Strip Hot Dip Galvanizing ...
        • Annular Heating Furnace
        • Continuous Walking Beam Heating ...
        • Cold Rolling Mill