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        CNBM International

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        CNBM Insulation section devotes to production, R&D, and export of insulation materials. Our main products include glasswool blanket, glasswool board, glasswool pipe, aluminum facing, aluminum tape, etc. Insulation materials are broadly used in HVAC system, air-duct system, metal building and many other fields. Our products have already passed the CE, ASTM, BS, GB and SGS certification and are widely exported to Middle-East, South-East Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America, etc.

        Because of the reliable and outstanding quality and considerate services, the independent strong R&D team guarantees that our products not only satisfy the demand of world wide market but also lead the new tread of modern building materials. Many types of new flame-retardant and environment-friendly insulation materials we supply enjoy good reputation and reliability around the global. It makes us a leading position in international business of insulation materials.

        • Rockwool
        • Glasswool