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        Dubai.okorder.com is Officially Launched

        http://www.www.jinsync.com    Date: 2011-06-15

        Dubai.okorder.com, the sub-channel of Okorder.com, is officially launched on June 15th, 2011. Okorder.com has four sub-channels so far: Building materials, Metals, Solar and Machinery. As one of the key parts of okorder.com, the Dubai sub-channel further expands its arm to the Middle East market.

        Dubai sub-channel provides new sales opportunity for Chinese domestic suppliers and is devoted to offering the Middle East clients with prompt, cost-effective, one-stop and 24-hour online order services. It combines spot and future sales by serving its clients both online and offline so as to improve clients’ experience and trading convenience. With a 50,000 square meters logistic park and distribution center in Dubai, the sub-channel renders the most professional and efficient service to its local customers and serves as an express gateway between China and the UAE.

        Okorder.com aims to be the most influential building materials provider and make international trade easier. It will launch more sub-channels in the near future.